Transform with technology: Urban governance and planning

Digitization and “Big Data” offer potential for more responsive urban governance

August 25, 2021

Urban governance (aka all the entities that directly or indirectly operate a city) is feeling pressure to transform on several different fronts—from the way people work and the workplace, to a growing focus on inclusivity and health. Combined with the need for more sustainable systems and structures, these changes could dramatically change how people use cities and buildings. As city governments look to technology and data platforms to support this transition, they’re testing and adopting new technologies. For example, digitized land registries and geospatial data can help bring physical and climate risks into the decision-making process, while digitally connected utilities such as streetlights or energy grids can change how we manage urban infrastructure.

Urban governance & planning

Key considerations
  • Know the digital strategies of city governments where you have an active presence and portfolio, which may uncover opportunities for collaboration, policy influence, data sharing and more.
  • Monitor which of those governments have progressive, human-centric digital strategies, as they’re likely better equipped to support longer-term resilience and sustainability.
  • Be aware of new government-sponsored technology initiatives, which could indicate which cities are likely to see improvement in real estate transparency and business operating conditions.
  • The rise of advanced platform technologies will pressure city governments to partner with technology businesses to make smart solutions that relate to the built environment more achievable.

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