Transform with technology: Design and construction

3D models show the future of sustainable design

August 25, 2021

Building design and construction are at the heart of several key factors shaping progress in the built environment including climate change and resilience, health and wellbeing and demographic shifts such as an aging population. Advances in technology have turned architectural drawings digital while “smart materials” such as self-healing concrete are revolutionizing the quality of the buildings we live, work and play within.

Design and construction

Key considerations
  • Adopting a central integrated platform will help you achieve the greatest value from a collection of varying construction technology tools.
  • Virtual project monitoring tools provide some of the greatest and fastest returns on investment among today’s construction technologies.
  • New construction techniques, such as modular construction or 3D printing, are by far the most difficult to implement and will demand support and specialized skills throughout the entire construction team.

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