Transform with technology: Portfolio management

Automation and AI are being used for portfolio strategy

August 25, 2021

Portfolio flexibility — the ability to select sites strategically and adapt to changes quickly — is key to the success of any hybrid work plan. Geolocation analytics are among the technologies being used for portfolio management. It works like this: say you want an office with certain amenities and a certain allotment of flexible space a certain number of miles from a city center. Artificial Intelligence (AI) pulls up the potential locations that fit your search. Micro-location data, footfall levels and mobile phone tracking can help assess the attractiveness of a location, and a number of platforms such as now provide these services.

Portfolio management

Key considerations:
  • Technology, data and AI will continue to help investors and occupiers manage portfolios. More and better data means more ability to strategize.
  • The ability to manage space more efficiently will bring forward opportunities for new or alternative uses in previously underutilised space and ensure buildings are optimised for peak usage.
  • Personalised experiences and flexibility will be key to keeping tenants and employees happy.
  • New data offerings will be increasingly important in driving location strategy insights, including micro-location data available through AI.

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