Transform with technology: Leasing and marketing

Online commercial marketplaces are emerging

August 25, 2021

Online residential leasing marketplaces — think Airbnb — are well-established. Its commercial brethren? Slower to catch on, but they are emerging as tools like advanced analytics and CRM allow for more focused engagement with potential tenants. A number of providers are now offering ‘crowdsourced’ leasing data provision or AI-enabled contract execution tools, while tools like Azara gather and centralize leasing information across cities around the world.

Leasing & marketing

Key considerations:
  • Virtual tours and a more personalized approach to marketing are now king. The ability to track and engage with prospects is increasingly important.
  • Focus on data and process integration. Many landlords currently face a lack of information and visibility into leasing pipelines and in-progress deals.
  • Employees and consumers increasingly seek fluid living and working situations. Platforms supporting co-living and co-working space are set to benefit.

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