Transform with technology: Healthy places and portfolios

Supporting healthier and more human-centric environments

August 25, 2021

COVID-19 has spotlighted the need for spaces that are healthier, better designed and more inclusive, and companies are increasingly acknowledging benefits—such as greater mental wellbeing, increased productivity and cost savings—that come from healthier urban environments and workplaces. Imagine sensers that monitor heat, light and air quality, or occupancy trackers that trigger a cleaning order when a room becomes empty. The most prevalent technologies in this space revolve around tracking health-related metrics within buildings, communication, occupant experience and personalized control tools, as well as touchless technologies and automation.

Healthy places & portfolios

Key considerations
  • COVID-19 has created an opportunity to reimagine the built environment and workplaces to support health and wellness, comfort and productivity.
  • Health and wellness expectations for buildings and places are higher than ever, providing an opportunity to use technologies to showcase your health and wellness initiatives.
  • The rise in hybrid work strategies means healthy workplace considerations must evolve to support workers anywhere, such as through technology that allows seamless health tracking and connectivity.

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