Transform with technology: Property and facilities operations

Managing flexible and personalized space requires new technologies

August 25, 2021

Technology solutions are emerging that help with property and facilities operations. IoT devices and sensors, for example, monitor everything from occupancy levels to equipment use, allowing owners and occupiers to make data-based decisions that cut costs. It’s important to choose technology that enables remote and hybrid work, including the fulfillment of remote work orders.

Property & facility operations

Key considerations:
  • Identify technology that generates actionable data. It’s important that the tech is user-friendly, delivers strong ROI, helps inform decisions and lowers costs.
  • Choose technologies that enable remote work. Choose tech that does not require a physical location and helps complete work orders from anywhere.
  • Find technology that keeps stakeholders empowered and informed. Find solutions that help get emergency notifications out quickly — before there is an emergency.

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