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Develop, operate and manage logistics facilities and industrial properties.

Create efficient logistics facilities and industrial properties, and build a leading supply chain system

As an important pillar of the modern economic system, advanced manufacturing and R&D innovation are getting more and more attention. At the same time, demographic changes, rapid development of e-commerce, technological innovation and sustainable development are also driving the innovation and development of logistics, warehousing and supply chain in China.
We are now seeing the increasingly complex and individualized demands of companies and organizations for building new production facilities, R&D centers and logistics distribution centers and disposing assets, as well as growing demands for goods distribution from all parties. How to make informed decisions based on your products, production plans, goods movement, labors and distribution needs, and create pleasant client experience while reducing costs and optimizing processes, is the core of developing a future-proof corporate strategy.
As one of the few professional service providers with both real estate service and supply chain consulting capabilities, JLL develops logistics and industrial solutions that meet the needs of government, industrial companies and logistics and industrial property developers and investment institutions, based on our deep market knowledge and thorough understanding of clients’ requirements, connecting the entire process of planning, site selection, design and implementation, and helps clients to confidently address various supply chain risks in the complex and changing market landscape to explore for new opportunities and achieve their vision.

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Yin Hong

Head of Logistics & Industrial, China

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Senior Director of Logistic & Industrial, China

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Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Solution, Greater China