Throughout 20-plus years of development, JLL has always been at the fontier of the real estate market

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JLL Beijing's story began in 1995. For more than 20 years, we have been driven by our rich experience and a unique global perspective that helps us focus on our clients. Today, we have nearly 350 professionals and 2,500 onsite employees in North China
Our key endeavors include providing consulting services of property management for the CCTV Headquarters, the CITIC Tower, the Beijing Capital International Airport and Parkview Green; property management of the National Stadium (the Bird's Nest) and No. 35 Jinshifang Avenue at the Beijing Financial Street; exclusive leasing services for the office buildings of the China Merchants Tower, the Jiacheng Plaza, the Nuojin Center and the Samsung Tower; project and facilities management of the Microsoft Research Lab ,Beijing Tencent and Samsung; and investment services for the Place, the China World Shopping Mall and the Seasons Place.
With the launch of the national strategy of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and general urban planning in Beijing, new opportunities are emerging in the development and investment of real estate. Guided by a broader long-term vision, we’re constantly striving to build a world-class city cluster with the capital as its core. We continue to embrace a client-centric mindset, and extend tailor-fit services to meet our client’s needs in renting, buying or investing in real estate―wherever they may be.

Beyond real estate in Asia Pacific

With more than three million people moving to our cities every week, the spaces we create for today and for tomorrow are so important. Asia Pacific is home to some of the most exciting in the world. Let us show you around. 

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Leveraging on more than 20 years of experience and insights in North China, we understand market trends on both regional and global levels to help you craft investment strategies and discover the next opportunity. Want to maximize your return on investment? You can count on us to help you make wise and low-risk decisions—from the construction of urban complexes to urban regeneration and business consulting.

As the center for politics, culture and international communication, as well as the innovation hub in China, Beijing offers an ever so unique and irreplaceable market. Backed by a rich experience in the local market, our investment team can be your go-to experts in exploring investment opportunities; funding sources, including different categories and cities; customizing the trading structure to sell assets quickly; and securing a favorable trading structure for your investment.

As a leader in the industry, we target high-quality combinations of tenants. We attract and retain top tenants through comprehensive leasing and marketing strategies to help increase asset value. We also negotiate favorable lease terms to ensure maximum occupancy of your property management and asset value.

As your trusted resource for property and asset management services, we take advantage of our knowledge on the North China market in providing top-quality services, ensuring efficient, secure and sustainable outcomes and a greater return on investment.

We can help you find sustainable solutions which maximize asset value, mitigate risk, create new revenue streams, reduce occupancy costs or enhance wellbeing, enabling you to transform the way you invest in, develop, manage or occupy buildings.

We will help you customize new solutions to meet your sustainability goals, whether it's maximizing building value, providing a safer workplace for your employees, or creating an environment that boosts your efficiency. We provide you with different types of green building certifications, data management, and sustainability consulting services to meet your sustainability goals.

Our valuation advisory team has always been committed to uncovering the real value of your property or portfolio. We help make the best possible business decisions to achieve your investment goals, through valuations, financing counsel, due diligence and feasibility & market studies.

We have a full experienced team to meet your needs and provide satisfactory solutions under the best terms.

We provide quality services to our clients in accordance with established schedules and cost targets, and furthest control risk. Our project and development service team is always, based on understanding the your strategic goals and vision for the project, committed to providing a broader range of business outcomes beyond project delivery, including project consulting, management, design and construction, etc., a comprehensive one-stop project development and management service to achieve the long-term goals of each construction, renovation and design project, helping you save costs and time and minimize financial risks.

Our Beijing facilities management team provides core services such as daily operations management and facilities management consulting, actively managing and measuring the performance of corporate real estate facilities across industries and multiple asset types. Through strategically sourcing for procurement resources, reducing energy consumption and flexible engineering services, we maximize facilities management efficiency. Our professional team uses superior processes, building management technology and economies of scale to significantly reduce your facilities operating costs, and improve productivity and financial performance while reducing risks and ensuring the quality of facilities management services.

We help to drive transparency and efficiency in your space usage, enable actionable insight to save cost and create occupancy strategies for smart portfolios.

Centralize lease management to mitigate risk and comply with accounting regulations, whether for 20 leases or 20,000. See all your lease terms to reduce costs and take advantage of market changes.

Collect and interpret real-time data about your business, market, location, and employees, and make decisions by analyses to reduce risk, increase value, and make sure that your business is aligned with the future.

With a comprehensive client service based on strategic cooperation, a liberation from the traditional model of a single transaction and extensive global resources and local experience, we help you accurately verify space requirements, recommend suitable office space solutions and negotiate leases and ownership terms. Our professional team delivers measurable value to your portfolios, helping you reduce real estate costs, minimize risk, increase workplace flexibility, and create a more productive office environment. Smart business real estate cooperation promotes business development.

Evaluate lease obligations and space requirements to create a flexible and productive portfolio strategy. Talk to advisors who will manage your local transactions on the ground, securing or disposing of space at the right time, on the right terms.

Create a vision for your workplace that fosters innovation and improves business performance. Design appealing, flexible spaces that reflect your culture and are perfectly suited to employees’ needs, helping to attract and retain top talent.

Uncover the real value of your portfolio. Accurately assess the value of any property based on up to the minute market data and insights. We can help you make the best possible business decisions, based on a holistic understanding of value and cash flows.

We can help you work out sustainable development solutions that maximize asset value, reduce risk, create new sources of income, mitigate space use costs or improve occupational health and well-being, essentially changing your investment, development, management or the way you use the building.

We will help you customize new solutions to meet your sustainability goals, whether it's maximizing building value, providing a safer workplace for your employees, or creating an environment that boosts your efficiency. We provide you with different types of green building certifications, data management, and sustainable consulting services to meet your sustainability goals.

Get access to our advanced digital technology and deep insights into the office market. Whether you're investing or leasing office buildings, you can create a business environment that your tenants, employees and buyers find satisfaction in.

Make the most out of Beijing's vibrant economic and cultural scene and experience a whole new level of retail experience.

Tap into our professional supply chain advice for your warehousing, logistics, distribution center or manufacturing plant needs. We're particularly focused on the investment, development leasing and management of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial and logistics real estate.

Find a new home, or invest in residential property overseas.

Add value to your assets and boost your sales at any stage in the lifecycle of your hotels, leisure and tourism real estate.

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