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2021 China Real Estate Forum

Day 3 | Mar 25


Guangzhou session
Mapping out the Real Estate Future of the Greater Bay Area

The forum will provide a great platform for pinpointing the real estate opportunities in the GBA with one guide, two keynotes and three guest speakers joining our panel discussion.
10:00-10:15 | Opening Remarks
The launch of JLL’s GBA Real Estate Guide
  • The latest JLL's GBA Real Estate Guide is a one-stop handbook for you to unlock the real estate code of the GBA with the comparison of various economic and real estate indicators of the 11 cities in the GBA.

Jex Ng
Managing Director, South China

10:15-10:45 | Keynote
Redefining the GBA’s industrial network and spatial distribution
  • The session aims to highlight some important trends in the GBA's industry landscape. Through the study on urban planning, city clusters, and belt of industries, we raise several points, such as the multi-CBD model of Tier I cities, the formation of a ring of industries along the coastline, and the birth of key industry nodes, and on top of those, offer insights into the future distribution of the GBA's industries.

Silvia Zeng
Head of Research, South China

10:45-11:15 | Keynote
Industrial transfer, revitalisation and development in GBA
  • Led by technology, the GBA is optimizing the industrial structure and accelerating the transfer, revitatlisation and development. We will share how to coordinate the development of various industries in the GBA and what opportunities will lie ahead.

Samuel Zhai
Head of Strategic Consulting, South China

11:15-11:45 | Panel Discussion
GBA empowers the expansion of the digital economy
  • We will discuss with the invited industry leaders on some important topics: 1) The characteristics and trends of the new economy in the GBA, 2) From the location advantages of the GBA, what opportunities do we see to boost the development of the digital economy? 3) Looking forward to 2021, how to deal with the challenges, seize the opportunities and layout the development plan in the GBA under the new norm.

York Ma
i2mago Tech. Inc.

Allan Pan
Onion Global

Justin Di
Head of Shopee Cross Border Business Development and Partnership

Hong Kong session
Sharpening the Edge of Tomorrow

Hong Kong has long been recognized as one of the world’s premier international financial centers and the dominant gateway to Mainland China.  As global economies are fast evolving, how can Hong Kong enhance its competitive edge in the future?
15:00-15:10 | Opening Remarks

Gavin Morgan
Chief Operating Officer, Greater China
Managing Director, Hong Kong

15:10-15:20 | Keynote
Sharpening the Edge of Tomorrow
  • Exploration of Hong Kong’s competitiveness through a real estate lens in the context of China’s long-term growth.

Gavin Morgan
Chief Operating Officer, Greater China
Managing Director, Hong Kong

Nelson Wong
Head of Research, Greater China

15:20-16:00 |Panel Discussion
Sharpening the Edge of Tomorrow
Office 2030
  • Our vision on the evolution of Hong Kong’s office market landscape in the coming decade.

Alex Barnes
Head of Office Leasing Advisory, Hong Kong

Paul Yien
Head of Landlord Representation, Office Leasing Advisory, Hong Kong

Note: These sessions will be held in English

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