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2021 China Real Estate Forum

Day 2 | Mar 24


Shanghai Session
Building Shared Prosperity in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD)

2021 is a crucial year for exploring innovation and establishing strategic coordination, focusing on the integrated development of China's Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region. The development has left open questions, such as how it will evolve commercial real estate? What role will new ideas play in urban regeneration? Who are the major players in the Shanghai office market? What are the real estate investment trends in 2021? How will time and space reshape the new gameplay of real estate? And many more!
10:00-10:10 | Opening Remarks
Evolution and transformation—Commercial real estate: key trends in 2021
  • Commercial real estate has gradually recovered in the post-pandemic era. As metropolitan areas evolve, what impact will it have on the business, and what role technology plays in this change? How to transfer old business practices into the new business model and adopt new ways of working?

Anny Zhang
Managing Director, East China / Head of Markets, China

10:10-10:30 | Keynote
Reshaping and regeneration—Changes and opportunities under the integration of YRD
  • The regional integration of YRD is accelerating, and the metropolitan is taking shape. The change gives rise to many questions like how it will reshape China's growth in the future. What are the major challenges facing the real estate industry? What can we expect from urban regeneration, regional coordination, and urban-rural integration? What opportunities will the inclusive and interactive YRD bring in?

Alana Lv
Head of Strategic Consulting, Shanghai

10:30-10:50 | Keynote 
Competition and challenges—Shanghai’s office market: resilience amidst shifting dynamics
  • The office market is always full of passion – old players retreat while new players rise. In such situation, what role will the new economy, the involving TMT and traditional industries play in 2021? With the industry renewal accelerating and new companies popping up, how will the Shanghai office market evolve? What strategies will the emerging CBDs adopt to compete with Shanghai's traditional CBDs?

Cathy Huang
Head of Research, East China

11:00-11:40 | Keynote & Discussion
Keeping up the momentum—New variables in real estate investment in the era of differentiation
  • Will real estate investments herald opportunities in the new year? How to assess real estate investment trends in 2021? The logistics industry is witnessing a surge in demand during the pandemic, but is the investment in logistics reaching a tipping point? As new infrastructure thrives and REITs are waiting to be launched, has the moment arrived for data centers to peak?

11:40-12:00 | Keynote
Past, present, and future—Place making: Turning spaces into inspiring places
  • Place making plays an instrumental role in continuingly attracting traffic and generating revenue for spaces. Through advanced design and people-oriented concepts, how the commercial space transform and reborn, regardless of the commercial space, the cultural space, or a brand-new space? How should the space revolution interpret the breakthrough of current business thinking?

Kirsten Johnston

Chengdu session
Decoding New Opportunities in West China under the Dual Circulation framework

15:00-15:05 | Opening Remarks
Decoding New Opportunities in West China under the Dual Circulation framework

Chiao Sheng
Managing Director, West China

15:05-15:30 | Keynote
Establishing a new direction
  • A Study of China Economy and the outlook of West China Property Market

Jacky Zhu
Head of Research, West China

15:30-16:00 | Panel Discussion
Anchor the new track for future commercial real estate
16:00–16:30 | Keynote
The diverse and unbounded nature of Consumption 3.0

Shelly Xie
Managing Director, Chengdu

16:30–17:00 | Keynote
Riding the Tide
  • Insights into the warehouse investment market under the new western land-sea transportation channel

Wilson You
Head of Industrial, West China

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