Shanghai Business Park Property Market Outlook

Embracing Changes, Forging New Paths

November 02, 2023
  • Susan Ding
  • Finn Feng
  • Oliver Chu
  • Leo Zhou

This report focuses on Shanghai’s business park property market and explores the clustering effects and leasing demand of five major industries, taking into account the distinct industrial value chain characteristics of each. We also consider each industry’s potential for increased business park demand in Shanghai over the medium to long term. Industry crossover and collaboration are likely to generate additional leasing demand.

JLL has surveyed over 100 tenants to understand how business park requirements are evolving. Starting from dimensions like property specifications and asset management operations, we propose an ‘industrial perspective’ for business park properties that is suited to the long-term development needs of industries. We have conducted further surveys of over 60 institutional investors; here we explore trends and opportunities in business park capital markets, in particular considering the combined effects of short-term supply pressures and the long-term industrial development outlook.

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