Client story

High benchmark and an employee-first approach

High quality meant high expectations

This telecommunication giant’s massive manufacturing plant in Chengdu (China) is one of the largest factories in the world, spread in an area of 393,000 sqm. The company was eager to provide its 4,000 plus employees on the campus with an inspiring work environment that matched with the impressive infrastructure. Fixated at nothing less than international standards as a benchmark, they wanted to set an example.

The vision required an expert handling of health and environment services, indoor quality management, safety and security, landscaping, and other employee amenities services, besides constant monitoring and evaluation for efficiencies and savings.

It needed an intelligent approach

Aware of JLL’s global expertise, the client reached out to us to provide them with Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services. The company’s mandate became our canvas. As the client desired to enhance users’ happiness, we decided to involve them in our service design process.

Working together, we launched marketing and communication notices giving employees the details of our services and asking them to give suggestions for their requirements. We conducted surveys and put suggestion boxes at various points to collect their responses. Their inputs helped us in creating and upgrading services to meet their expectations.

A model was created

The outcome? We succeeded in accomplishing the client’s goal by exceeding the expectations of employees. The project created a business case that illustrates how seamlessly the client’s stakeholders and our onsite account management teams collaborated at the local and regional level to achieve excellence in services.