Client story

Ensuring unified standards while facilitating a vision

Empowering ecosystem with technology

Drive forward their business, the global insurance conglomerate saw the scope of relocating all branches to its 190,000 sqm Headquarters in Shenzhen. However, the process required high-level security and uninterrupted customer services. Aiming to achieve unified standards, the firm needed a partner who could coordinate with all branches during the relocation.

Employing expertise to improve efficiency

As we were already partnering with them, the client assigned the responsibility to us. Together, firstly we defined the targets and prepared a mutually agreed transition plan that focused on most complex challenges. As security was the biggest concern, we set up a resident police office with patrolling guards and a 24-hours hotline. We also used the latest technology to record and update operations, like Work Order (WO) system, security systems and visitor registrations.

In addition, we amplified the client’s vision by providing them with our Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions, ensuring excellence and consistency. Besides concentrating on M&E, catering, handling the reception and managing green areas, we completed the interiors of the entire campus without disrupting any operational activity.

Tapping the unrealized potential

The result? A unique partnership with the potential for stronger business relations. By utilizing the lean principles for service improvements, JLL worked to achieve a positive, steady growing business relationship that ultimately unified the culture and prestige of the Company.