Client story

Enhanced quality of air - happier customers, productive employee 

Pollution concern

The nationwide air pollution concern in China raised the alarm for this prestigious international furniture retailer. Having 13 stores across 10 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, the client were concerned about the health and wellness of both employees and customers. The company decided to assess the air quality of their stores.

Auditing indoor air quality (IAQ)

Working closely with the client, we carried out a comprehensive audit of IAQ to decipher its performance and quality. The exercise helped us identify gaps between conditions existing in the stores and the desired international standards. Based on the results, we developed improvement plans, which included facilitating some operational changes as well as upgrading a few systems.

The improvement plans incorporated several corrective measures on entryway management, facade air-tightness, HVAC system operation and maintenance, as well as capital intensive measures involving the installation of additional air filtration and air purification systems.

We also trained the O&M staff in global best practices to ensure no performance slippage in the future, which added to the confidence and satisfaction of the client.

Enhanced people experience

Did it help? The intervention certainly addressed the weakness of each built environment and helped overcome the challenges of external conditions. It also improved the IAQ to set standards, thereby enhancing the customer and employee experience.

Making headway, we're carrying on with the continuous monitoring of the air quality in all the stores of the retailer to ensure that it remains within set parameters.