Client story

Consolidated services improved efficiency

Embracing the change

The multinational technology company was committed to improving efficiencies of their establishment in Dongguan, China. As part of an ambitious plan, they aimed to institute the best industry practices at their 510,000-sqm campus, which houses their offices, factory, data centers and other facilities.

The challenge they faced in the pursuit of their vision was multiple suppliers, restricting efficiencies in services. Their goal was to consolidate all services and hand them over to one professional agency that can run them smoothly while enhancing quality. Finally, they appointed JLL for Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services.  

Ensuring the best in the quickest way

To uncover improvement opportunities, first, we reviewed and evaluated future industry trends and insights. Our focus was on supporting the client’s business and workplace experience. Therefore, we developed a Center of Excellence (COE) with a dedicated team of experts to provide the company with internationally standardized facilities services.

Considering the client’s wish, we ensured a smooth transition of all services in less than 35 days.  Starting from setting up a team of 120 new hires to identifying and finalizing 600 vendor staff, we took over all services without disrupting the company’s routine business activities. We also established a management system with a single point of contact at the company for fast communication, which increased the campus efficiencies, dramatically.

Showcasing the successful model

Three months later, all facilities at the company’s property were functioning flawlessly. The efforts, alongside cost-effective system improvements, helped the company to achieve their aspiration of establishing a model campus showcasing best industry practices.