Mark Gladu

"Make myself better."

A few years ago, if you told Mark that he would be an enthusiast of the “Spartan Race”—participating in the high-intensity sport, successfully reaching the finish line, and ranking among the leading positions—he would have dismissed your claims as nonsense. But now, Mark would most likely pat your shoulder and share a laugh or two as he recalled the funny things he experienced in the race.

As the most “heart-tormenting” endurance event, Spartan Race is dubbed as "the real test of will" by well-known sports media ESPN. During the race, participants need to run through the mud, grassland and hills, and pass the courage-testing barriers, such as an eight-meter-high wall, rope climbing, dark tunnels, and barbed wires. “I felt terrific when I crossed the finish line and saw my ranking. It’s proof that you can achieve your goals as long as you are persistent in doing it,” Mark said excitedly after becoming a Spartan warrior when the event was held in Hong Kong.

In Mark's view, it’s not good for people to live in luxuriant ease and comfort. That’s why he has always made an effort to challenge himself—be it at work or during exercise—as he hopes he can continuously improve himself. 

Joining the barrier race—in which some of his colleagues also participated—and taking exercises made Mark both healthier and more energetic than he had ever been. "It makes me more efficient and focused in my career and life objectives than ever before. Most important, it makes me feel happier," said Mark.