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A revolution is happening: the vision of hitting carbon peak and realizing carbon neutralization is reshaping all industries crossing China. Meanwhile, the new normal in post-Covid era has accelerated the digital transformation crossing all industries, hence, productivity, lifestyle and governance must shift and adapt accordingly. As such, upgraded requirements from all participants have rolled out: carbon neutralization in the built world, sustainable development, micro-management, and data insight are ever emphasized and demanded, which catalyzed industry innovation, and people-oriented resilient growth has become the new mission of the industry. Real estate, the gigantic industry, has made its shift in an agile manner.

UrbanLab, the very first enterprise alliance focusing on technology & innovation of real estate in China, was initiated and co-founded by Jones Lang LaSalle and ecological partners back in 2019. In this alliance, we are aiming to explore and cultivate technology startups for the industry and unleash the technology potential of the industry. In the past years, by exploring the innovative integration of technology and business model, UrbranLab has accelerated the adoption of hardware technologies in the real estate industry and enabled the industry to evolve with the time of digitalization.

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UrbanLab3.0 Ecological Partners

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UrbanLab3.0, Another step forward

In 2022, we take one step forward – the brand new UrbanLab 3.0 is taking off. We are zooming in on carbon neutralization in the built world and offering technology start-ups with lucrative package: a more structured design and program package, a clearer path to connect with venture capitals and a commitment to broader resources and ungraded external partnerships

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We are the trailblazer in PropTech and its innovation in real estate industry

Being the effective approach to achieving the vision of Race to Zero, PropTech enables real estate sector and its players to embrace sustainable development. We look forward to an upgraded ecosystem of PropTech with joint efforts from all stakeholders in the industry.