10 steps for a successful innovation centre

How to keep your innovation centre on track

July 21, 2021

Thriving new hubs of innovation are emerging in cities around the world, frequently led by universities. Entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and established professionals mingle and collaborate in lively districts with eclectic restaurants, office buildings, research facilities, housing, and shops. In these live-work-learn-play environments, academic and industry collaborators bring new technologies and products from concept to production readiness and add economic value and new jobs to the local community.

To create a dynamic business ecosystem, culture, workforce, and synergy are all as important as the real estate. Providing the right mix of facilities and participants takes thoughtful planning along with capital and a sustainable business model. Bringing these projects to life can be challenging.

Download our white paper to find out the 10 best practices that we’ve identified to ensure the success of your innovation centre.

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