White paper

Workforce readiness must include workplace wellness

The future of work in an unpredictable world

March 08, 2022

Creating a thriving workplace where employees flourish will be vital to business success, not just in the emerging new reality, but in years and decades to come. Organizations have a responsibility to foster environments where employees can thrive, and that includes creating workplace strategies to help employees bring their full, best selves to work.

In this paper, we explore:

  • What the pandemic exposed in the workplace and workforce

  • The role of the Theory F workplace in the next evolution of work

  • Workplace strategies to help employees flourish, including reducing stress through legible design and views of nature, design "nudges" to support healthy behavior and creating technology-free zones

  • Why managers (and meetings) are essential to defining culture and setting the tone of the workplace

When employees feel their needs beyond physical safety and security are met, they can bring their whole, supported self to work. And that is swiftly becoming the new normal for workplace wellness.

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