The Rise of
Senior Living

Investment opportunities in Hong Kong and the Mainland Cities of the Greater Bay Area

May 15, 2023
  • Wendy Chan
  • Kathryn Han
  • Tom Parker
  • Olivia Ng

By 2050, Hong Kong will have the world's oldest population, with 40% of the population aged over 60. However, it is critically short of suitable living facilities for the elderly with existing options, such as elderly homes or Residential Care Homes for the Elderly, becoming increasingly unsuitable for a healthier, wealthier, and more independent senior population which is growing rapidly.

To help absorb some of this potential elderly demand, we believe that Senior Living, which emphasises high-quality, aspirational living, may be the answer in Hong Kong and the Mainland Cities of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). 

The Senior Living sector in overseas real estate markets has consistently outperformed the wider residential market in terms of rental performance, investment yields and capital growth and provided developers and investors are able to effectively capture the potential demand, we believe it could provide an attractive opportunity.

Our white paper assesses the current situation in Hong Kong and the Mainland Cities of the GBA, exploring how the sector may look here and taking a greater dive into its potential investment opportunity.

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