Shenzhen's Tech Prosperity Drives Office Demand

January 15, 2019

Globally, technology is becoming miniaturised and going to the cloud. However, ironically, the same space-saving trend is also spurring demand for office space by established tech enterprises and start-ups alike. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in Shenzhen.

This white paper looks at the underlying engines of demand, as well as potential for continued growth. It presents challenges for businesses looking for space to lease or buy, and opportunities for landlords and investors. 

Key takeaways

Shenzhen: Silicon Valley of South China 
Economic Reform, capital-backed start-ups, agglomeration and talent magnet, these four key inter-related factors have given Shenzhen advantages that continue to encourage its tech industry’s growth today and in the future. 

Trends and Insight
The tech industry generally has larger footprints in more modern Grade A office buildings, the focal point will be SHIP and the surrounding Nanshan business district. Headquarters and large firms are to lead future demand growth, and co-working will become increasingly popular. 

The Way Forward 
The future of work is soon to be in vogue in the tech industry, meanwhile the technology boom originating in Shenzhen will spur much imitation in the Greater Bay Area. A historic technological sea change is on the horizon.

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