Regenerative Workplace

Restoring employee wellbeing to achieve sustainable performance

October 28, 2021

Office workers around the world welcomed the newfound flexibility and an opportunity to spend more time with their families during the pandemic. However, for many, the adoption of homeworking has led to increased feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety. They have struggled to establish healthy barriers between professional and personal lives.

As organizations plan their transition to a post-pandemic future, it is a ‘chance of a lifetime’ opportunity for employers to create a new Regenerative Workplace. The most forward-thinking companies will shape a workplace strategy that puts people at the center. By taking care of their employees’ health and wellbeing, they will be in a position to achieve sustainable performance.

This research draws on the results of a global survey of over 3,300 office workers across 10 countries and is supported by expert views and perspectives from a leading anthropologist.

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