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A roadmap to comprehend and forecast tech firms’ unique office demand

December 02, 2019

Great support from strategic policies has continuously created a better environment for the vigorous development of tech firms. China's technology companies have evolved from being market followers to industry leaders now, which represent an increasingly important office demand driver.

By understanding tech firms’ office space and site selection demands, owners and investors can grasp market opportunities accurately, and deepen the value brought by the "technology dividend".

Tech firms’ CRE portfolio city/submarket selection model

Taking both market-driven and cost-driven factors into account, we constructed a model to guide tech firms in making decisions about city/submarket selection and to interpret their specific location preferences. 

Multistage characteristics of tech firms’ office demands

We also sent the “JLL 2019 Tech Sector Survey” to more than 110 technology companies across the country, to explore the characteristics of their office demands at different stages of growth. 

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