Multifamily in motion: A deep dive into Asia Pacific’s living sector

Japan has dominated multifamily investment volumes in Asia Pacific but others are catching up

October 13, 2023

The multifamily sector in Asia Pacific continues to make a compelling case for investment due to its resilience and potential for higher risk-adjusted returns.

Japan dominated the market in the first half of 2023, but China and Australia are catching up, supported by favourable market conditions and emerging opportunities.

This report unpacks the pressing questions on the region’s multifamily outlook including:

  • How does multifamily stack up against other asset classes in terms of opportunities?
  • What are the dominant and emerging multifamily themes in the region’s top multifamily markets?
  • Will demand drivers stay for the long term, and what are the underlying risks?
  • What level of returns can investors expect in multifamily markets across APAC?

Dive into the report for useful insights on the living sector in Asia Pacific.

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