Implications of Hybrid Working

Are we ready for a hybrid future?

August 09, 2022
  • Christian Beaudoin

Hybrid working has a durable presence, and there are many potential benefits that can accompany working arrangements that are more flexible, or at least less fixed.

However, all decisions have trade-offs, and hybrid working is no exception.

When evaluated more closely, hybrid working can have significant impacts on all aspects of our lives – from personal to professional, and local to global.

This report is meant to highlight the implications of hybrid working, not just on the workplace, but more broadly as well. In particular, we will cover the potential impacts on:

  • Employees

  • Companies

  • Office Buildings

  • Cities

  • The Environment

As we hope you will see, the implications may be much more complex than simple headlines can convey, and we all must prepare ourselves for the changes ahead.

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