Hotel Destinations Indian Ocean

A strong recovery with a growth outlook, however, the shadow of a possible global recession might impact destinations more reliant on European markets.

February 27, 2023

After three years of lockdowns and movement restrictions, people are eager to travel for leisure again, in search of more experiential travels. This is putting the spotlight on island destinations worldwide, and destinations in the Indian Ocean are one of the most desired locations to spend holidays in idyllic settings.

Destinations in the Indian Ocean appeared to be agile in supporting the tourism recovery as the pandemic has hit hard these heavily leisure-driven markets. Not only have they reopened earlier to international travellers than most of the other countries in the world during the pandemic, but they were also able to fill the gap in tourism visitation by increasing their efforts to promote the destinations elsewhere.

As such, we are seeing a strong recovery and a positive outlook for the key destinations in Indian Ocean.

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