ESG ambitions: Shaping the future of data centres

Greater emphasis on ESG strategies by investors and enterprises is pushing data centres to accelerate sustainability efforts.

June 28, 2022

Data centre providers in Asia Pacific are prioritising environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies which are emerging as a key consideration for investors and enterprises.

According to JLL’s survey of more than 500 data centre managers in the region, the top priority for data centres in the next two years is “becoming more sustainable and socially responsible” amid growing concern on the environmental impact of such facilities.

Click on the numbers to find out the top strategic priorities for data centres in asia pacific become more sustainable and socially responsible improve ability to plan capacity and optimise utilisation ensure complicance with data security, privacy, and sovereignty regulations.

ESG strategies will eventually hold sway over critical decisions on construction, investment priorities, and operations of both investors and operators in the alternative asset class.

Our research dives deeper into what the future holds for data centres’ ESG strategies and uncovers insights from data centre managers who answer these key questions:

  • How will sustainability adoption impact data centre operations?
  • Are existing ESG metrics transparent enough, and how will enhancing visibility of ESG performance benefit data centres?
  • What are the top metrics that data centres include in corporate sustainability reporting?
  • How are data centres leveraging technology to drive green ambitions?

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