Ecosystems serve as the new engine for Shanghai business parks

October 09, 2020

With over 30 years of development based on a clear industrial plan, Shanghai’s business park sector has become an essential part of Shanghai’s property market. With ample policy support, core business parks in particular have attracted top-grade companies, forming specialized industrial clusters

Providing talent to target industries with suitable physical space fosters city integration; utilizing policy as a differentiating factor to encourage density and clustering of specialized industries supports industrial gathering; providing specialized talent with welcoming policy allows research and innovation. With such interactions, we increasingly witness ecosystems taking root in different business parks, with benefits to long-term growth on the demand side.

  • Redefinition of five core business parks and six emerging business parks;
  • Corporates prioritize industrial gathering for site selection;
  • Business parks see strong recovery post-Covid, benefitting from tech and healthcare sectors;
  • Ecosystems taking root will benefit business parks’ demand in the longer term.

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