City Governance and Real Estate in a Post-COVID World

Readiness, Resilience and Responsibility

October 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed just how vulnerable our cities are to external shocks. How cities are responding to the crisis and how they prepare for the looming climate emergency, and capture the economic and investment opportunities that emerge in cycles of recovery will depend to a large extent on the effectiveness of City Governance.

Understanding the key principles of good governance can help navigate choices within and between cities. It can help to future-proof investments and ensure the long-term success of corporate location strategies; for responsible investors and businesses, it can help identify cities that share their values and their vision for a low-carbon, sustainable and inclusive future.

In our latest research in partnership with The Business of Cities, we have developed a framework to help investors, developers and corporate occupiers recognize cities that have the key attributes for future success, those that will make ideal partners for real estate. 

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