2023 China Rental Housing Market

JLL released the 3rd publication Gathering Momentum, Moving Toward Brightness on China Rental Housing sector

December 14, 2023

JLL has released the 2023 China Rental Housing Market Report, after the 2018 & 2021 editions, analyzing the present scenario, examining potential future trends, and exploring the emerging investment opportunities in the rental housing market.

With the release of policy dividends, the growth of consumer demand and the improvement of product capabilities, rental housing apartments have become a new trend in the rental residential market and have won the favor of young people. While this sector is rapidly growing, we found that leasing demand has shown a new trend, and the operation and development model of brand operators has also undergone significant changes. At the same time, the public REITs policy has broadened its exit channels, strong leasing demand and stable Investment income has also attracted more and more different types of institutional investments to enter the game.

For this report, we surveyed 23 rental housing operators and more than 50 institutional investments institutions. The results showed that more participants entered the market and both the rental products and the customer groups have become more diversified. We believe that China's rental housing market has entered a new stage of "rapid growth".

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