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Get maximum ROI from your sustainability programmes

Watch this webinar to learn about:
  • Implementing sustainability strategies that add value and make good business sense
  • Increasing ROI and reducing operating expenses while cutting carbon emissions
  • Quick sustainability wins that deliver cost savings and long-term benefits
  • Using data and technology to track sustainability performance and returns
  • Reporting ROI to corporate stakeholders
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About the webinar

Organisations today are constantly trying to do more with fewer resources. Business leaders are expected to optimise financial performance while also meeting the sustainability expectations of their customers, shareholders and employees—and for many, this is unfamiliar territory.
Learn how organisations are advancing their sustainability programmes, reducing operating costs, delivering value beyond their bottom line, and meeting their sustainability targets.


Richard Batten,Global Chief Sustainability Officer, JLL
Richard Batten
Global Chief Sustainability Officer, JLL
Kat West,Senior Project Manager, WELL, AP, JLL
Kat West
Senior Project Manager, WELL, AP, JLL
Nick Turner,Global Head of Building Operations, Corporate Services HSBC
Nick Turner
Global Head of Building Operations, Corporate Services HSBC

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