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JLL Launches Supply Chain Consultancy Service in China

JLL's supply chain consulting service helps companies to comprehensively improve their risk management capabilities

March 04, 2020

"When will *** parts factory resume supply?"

"Inbound is still coming in, but outbound cannot be sent out. What should I do?"

"Transportation to *** is limited, our big regional warehouses are there ..."

Questions such as these reflect the challenges that supply chains are facing during the coronavirus epidemic. During this unique period of constrained supply and resources, the problems not only reveal the imbalance between the supply and demand, but also put the entire supply chain’s risk resistance to the test, with many companies being severely tested. This year’s nationwide battle against the epidemic is driving many industries to rethink, reassess and redesign their supply chain.

From rising freight costs, global complexities and increasingly demanding customer service to the rapid development of e-commerce and risk management, supply chain networks are constantly facing new challenges. Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the government and people from all walks of life have been fighting this outbreak with unprecedented strength, making every effort to improve the efficiency of the allocation of medical supplies, and doing everything possible to ensure the ongoing supply of goods and materials for production and everyday life. Without a doubt, this has posed great challenges for resilience of supply chains. This public health emergency is not only a major test for the country, society and enterprises, but also a major opportunity for market reform and management upgrade.

JLL believes that for the supply chain network— manufacturing and warehousing facilities and transportation resources are key to solving the problem, since they are the foundations of supply chain operations. On the one hand, companies need to reconsider the design principles of the supply chain network making it major means for proactive risk prevention; on the other hand, as the supply chain network is made up of physical facilities and entities, the company should also focus on the security and stability of facilities of the supply network, making those a starting point for risk management.

In the past, many enterprises’ risk management capabilities were designed for local and single incidents, but the “big test” that enterprises are currently undergoing is both global and systematic. The uncertainty of the external environment is often the main source of risk for an enterprise’s supply chain, and the major challenge of strategy implementation. From the perspective of supply chain management, we believe that in the designing and building the supply chain network, enterprises should:

  • Gain in-depth insights of the operating environment and identify how the supply chain will be affected by risks caused by the economy, policies, regulations, taxes and other basic operating capabilities to proactively prevent risks;
  • Maintain control and follow the development of the markets for resource supply such as manufacturing, warehousing facilities, and transportation, so they can quickly adjust the supply layout to achieve flexible responses when risks occur.

The supply chain capabilities are not accomplished overnight. Based on its extensive experience in global supply chain consulting and the implementation, JLL has recently launched integrated service for supply chain consulting and implementation in China. With in-depth understanding of the market and operation environment and an integrated approach that links then supply chain strategy with proven implementation services, we help customers save on costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks.

Supply Chain Consulting Service

With its international perspective and local practical experience, the JLL Supply Chain Consulting Service team uses dynamic supply chain strategies along with proprietary data, tools and technologies and a full range of execution services to help customers achieve supply chain strategy and manage risks.


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