How to level up employee experience in a new world of work

Hear from leading experts in workplace experience and human resources for a discussion on:
  • New office experience expectations
  • Why the office remains central to employee engagement
  • Why flexibility is key in attracting and retaining top talent
  • How to support employees wherever they work
  • Ways to amplify company culture in the new world of work
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A significant portion of the workforce was sent home with little notice in 2020, and have since established new habits, work styles and routines. The world is beginning to reopen, and this presents an opportunity for organizations to rethink how they can support employees regardless of where they work.
Our human experience survey results indicate that employees want to spend three days per week at the office, and two days working remote. So, how can organizations create a seamless experience wherever work happens?


Adam Yeloushan,Human Resources Executive, General Motors
Adam Yeloushan
Human Resources Executive, General Motors
Julie Wilkinson,Global Product Manager, Workplace Experience, JLL
Julie Wilkinson
Global Product Manager, Workplace Experience, JLL
Ram Srinivasan,Managing Director, Consulting, Work Dynamics
Ram Srinivasan
Managing Director, Consulting, Work Dynamics
Laura Adams,Chief Human Resources Officer
Laura Adams
Chief Human Resources Officer

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