What’s in store for retail?

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on the way people live and work. The retail sector has been amongst the most immediately impacted with lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing curtailing demand which has been creating new challenges for a sector already dealing with structural changes.

But as lockdowns and circuit breakers are gradually lifted, retailers and landlords need pragmatic solutions to allow for a safe return of customers into their premises, and a lot of questions have come up:

  • What will be different?
  • How will retail continue to evolve?
  • Will shop owners need to review their design layouts to adhere to Government imposed regulations to keep customers safe?
  • How are customer behaviours changing?
  • How are owners embracing this change?
  • And what will the ‘shopping centre of the future’ look like?

We believe in a three-step approach:

  1. Re-Design: Adjusting to the ‘next normal’
  2. Re-Open: Are you ready?
  3. Re-Position: Preparing for the future

Get in touch for more information and to discuss a tailored positioning strategy for you and your business.  

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Kevin Tranbarger,Senior Director, Retail Projects, Asia Pacific
Kevin Tranbarger
Senior Director, Retail Projects, Asia Pacific

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