Professional Strategic Consultancy Services Support Shenyang SIASUN Robot Smart City Project

First industry park in China with robotics as the leading industry.

Positioning, functional positioning, and business positioning, helping shape SIASUN Smart City in to a landmark project in the era of intelligent industrial manufacturing. The overall project consultation was divided into three stages:

  • The first stage was regional and functional positioning. Based on in-depth interviews with professionals from various fields and research and analysis of the regional real estate market, JLL conducted accurate evaluations on the functional positioning and market positioning of the project for the region.
  • The second stage was the property level positioning of the project (the Start-up Area). Based on an in-depth study of market space and customer requirements, JLL proposed specific plans for product types and design. 
  • The third stage was to design plan descriptions of the project. With reference to the preparation work, JJL worked with the design units to propose the plan descriptions. 

JLL has a broad international vision and a deep understanding of industrial real estate. Through numerous meetings with the client, and close cooperation with the relevant departments, JLL eventually developed a plan for the project that best suited the long-term goals and industrial development needs of the SIASUN Group and went far beyond their expectations. It created an industrial cluster with a construction area of more than one million square meters, further accelerating the application and exchange of robotics technology. This laid a solid foundation for the construction of an intelligent enterprise cluster for Shenyang, Northeast China, and even the whole country and international cooperation.

By considering client needs as well as urban development, JLL actively promoted the sustainable development of the city while also supporting its clients. Smart City is not only the production base for SIASUN Group, and its innovation center and education center will also provide technical and talent support for the development of the robot industry. This will promote the transformation of Shenyang from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and the Smart City will become an iconic project in Shenyang's industrial upgrade and transformation.

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