Client story

Sharpening tools in business processes

Zebra Technologies Corporation are a global leader respected for creating innovative asset-tracking technologies.

From the location, motion, and state of their assets, people and transactions, Zebra allow businesses to examine their organisation under a microscope and help them to create a Visible Value Chain. A leader in Asset Intelligence, Zebra went live with 38 leases in 2015. But as the business grew throughout the APAC region, they were struggling to control their rent processing systems. 

Zebra’s web of processes became increasingly intricate as the business expanded. For vendors, multiple systems like Trilogy, Enterprise and Merlin were being used for invoice tracking. The payment process between the China site and APAC were conflicting with one another, and language differences were creating barriers to effective communication. Zebra needed to navigate their complex systems and homogenise the process in order to simplify the way each site conducted operations. 

Combining JLL’s experience as a well-regarded real estate pioneer with Zebra’s knowledge of the business operations, we set to work regulating their processes. The client had some ideas about effective solutions, and JLL helped to put them into place. First, we consolidated the multiple systems into one system called Merlin, and successfully carried out UAT testing for all locations.

From this point we set up a unique financial process for the Chinese site to follow, so that all invoice and tax systems could be handled in one file. We also collated a list of landlords and facility managers to create one database comprising of payment responsibilities and details. Once completed, we communicated with all the landlords and financial management teams to introduce JLL as the new service provider. 

Together, we successfully created a simplified and streamlined process. By centralising the database, we were able to give more transparency to senior management and through implementing a new method, we were able to create a sustainable process for the Zebra Lease Administration business model. By creating a single point of contact for all client and landlord queries, we decreased turnaround time and reduced late fees,  This was how we added value to the client as it was not a target that was initially set by the client. We completed the process in record time and created a long-lasting relationship with the client. Our next plan is to work on building an efficient payment process to continue to make sure Zebra runs smoothly.

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