Quality Service Creates Tianjin Landmark Project – The Exchange Tianjin

Sole leasing agency as well as full property management services

The full property management services provided by JLL's Tianjin PAMteam have brought remarkable results. In 2007, JLL established a property service center to provide operations management, risk control, and financial management, as well as other services such as store and office rental renewal. In terms of asset optimization, JLL asset management center actively assists owners in making strategic adjustments, obtaining good long-term returns on assets through stable investments, and striving to maximize asset value. With its modern systems and high-quality service standards, JLL provides customized and professional services to its customers, positioning The Exchange Tianjin as a benchmark for Tianjin's property management industry, both in terms of software and hardware. In 2009, JLL revitalized the basement food court, increasing its rent by 50% and achieving 100% leasing before opening. With the joint efforts of both parties, The Exchange Tianjin was named “Best Tianjin Office Building” by the Real Estate Association and the “Best Security Team” by the Tianjin Public Security Bureau. In addition, it was awarded “Advanced Fire Safety Enterprise” by Tianjin Municipal Government, as well as “Tianjin Excellent Property Management Office Building”, "Five-star Office Building", and many other titles

The cross-departmental service strategy between JLL's Markets and PAM teams was one of the key factors that guaranteed The Exchange’s high rent levels and high occupancy rates, with the two teams working hand in hand to achieve the outstanding success of this project.

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