Client story

Leading Scientific Research & Exchange Platform with Cutting-edge Equipment

From strategy consultation to project completion, JLL provided comprehensive support to ensure the successful delivery of the ThermoFisher China Customer Experience Center in Shanghai, the world’s largest of its kind.


6,800 sqm


Shanghai Zhangjiang VIA Technologies Center


45 laboratories and 7 sample preparation laboratories, housing nearly 500 world-leading instruments on display.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science dedicated to helping its customers make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Through multi-dimensional empowerment, they help their customers accelerate research in life sciences, solve complex problems and challenges in the field of analysis, increase laboratory productivity, and promote breakthroughs in medical diagnosis and treatment to improve patient health.

As a global partner of ThermoFisher, JLL was appointed as the project management service provider for its China Customer Experience Center in VIA Technologies Center in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and participated in all aspects of the project, including design, construction, procurement, cost control, supporting ThermoFisher’s rapid development in China.

Professional solutions to facilitate research and innovation

The ThermoFisher Scientific China Customer Experience Center is the most advanced and spacious center of its kind in the world, covering a total area of 6,800 square meters. Serving as the primary scientific exchange platform between ThermoFisher Scientific and its customers in China, the facility has 45 laboratories and 7 sample preparation laboratories, including the Life Exploration Center and Nanoport Electron Microscopy Center. Nearly 500 top-of-the-line instruments are on display throughout the center.

Therefore, the diverse requirements for experimental environments and equipment storage posed significant and complex challenges to project implementation. Additionally, such projects were considered pioneering in China without complete prior experience to draw from. From the perspective of the clients, the JLL team took into account the high standards required by researchers and their precise instruments and for the entire environment during the initial design phase. They worked consistently to overcome technical difficulties and environmental challenges such as magnetic fields, temperature and humidity control, sound insulation, and disturbance control, aiming to fulfill the experimental needs of researchers to the greatest extent possible, including:

  • Air conditioning: maintaining a constant temperature and humidity control at 20±5℃, with a temperature difference of no more than ±5℃ within 24 hours and ±1℃ within 4 hours. The humidity level should be below 65%

  • Air disturbance: maintaining an air velocity of less than 5 meters per minute

  • Acoustic control: all instrument rooms should be tested to ensure that the noise level does not exceed 45dBc

  • Electromagnetic shielding: the entire room should have electromagnetic shielding capabilities for some of the most advanced precision electron microscope instruments

  • Active vibration reduction measures: active vibration isolation table should be installed to counter any form of vibration from the surroundings affecting the instruments

  • Grounding: the electrical resistance value should be less than 2 ohms according to equipment standards upon completion

  • Cleanliness: the laboratory should adhere to ISO Class 8 cleanroom standards

In addition, as a customer experience center, balancing exhibition functionality and privacy is also an important consideration for the project. By incorporating “electronic frosted glass” with a one-touch switch, the team implemented a solution that could fulfill the requirements of both “experiment process display” and “sight obstruction” scenarios. This feature represents a major highlight where scientific experimentation space blends seamlessly with human experiences.

Collaboration to win and create maximum value for the client

As the project management service provider, the JLL team worked closely with the ThermoFisher engineering team, various professional design firms, and construction companies throughout the whole project. The project was completed in less than a year, including site surveys, design control during the process, formulation and execution of tendering and procurement strategies, construction quality control, value engineering cost optimization, and external personnel management in the campus. This approach ensured the protection of the client’s core interests to the maximum extent.

It is worth mentioning that the project construction took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The JLL team implemented rigorous and effective measures. It made early predictions with the support of government policies to minimize the impact of the pandemic throughout the construction process, earning high recognition from the client.

Provision of forward-looking insights to help clients see a brighter way

As a global leader in scientific services, ThermoFisher is committed to empowering its clients and creating a healthier, cleaner, and safer world, and real estate serves as an essential platform and foundation for their success. As ThermoFisher’s global partner, JLL shares the same belief and values. Guided by the OneJLL philosophy, JLL consistently provides clients with forward-looking insights and solutions covering the entire lifecycle of corporate real estate, helping them realize their vision. From macro-policy analysis, site selection, and corporate real estate portfolio planning to market intelligence, specific project implementation, and management, JLL always illuminates clients to see a brighter way and leads them to discover new opportunities and potential in their business. This enables them to strategically position themselves and seize market advantages.