JLL Assists Eton Real Estate to Shape the Outstanding Landmark in Dalian

The first in-depth cooperation that Eton Group engaged in with JLL in the Northeast region

Eton Place Dalian is one of the largest Eton Real Estate Group projects in domestic investment and development. It is located in the Qingniwa business district, the most established and prosperous development area of the city with a 100-year history, which acts as the benchmark for Dalian’s commercial real estate. Eton Place Dalian overlooks the magnificent Dalian Port and the beautiful Dalian Bay to the north, with rolling mountain ranges far off to the south. The project's tallest building reaches 383 meters, which is Dalian's highest building and the main landmark of the core business district. It is also the highest standard office building project in Dalian.

In 2015 and 2016, JLL was appointed to provide full property management services for the ST2 office building of Eton Place Dalian, with the aim of making it the best world-class landmark city complex in Northeast China. This was the first in-depth cooperation that Eton Group engaged in with JLL in the Northeast region.

With its outstanding professionalism and excellent service, JLL was appointed as a leasing agent for the project’s ST2 office building in August 2015. It went on to be further appointed to provide integrated property management services for the Eton Place Dalian Tower 2 in 2016. While providing technical support and management support for Eton Place Dalian Tower 2, JLL has also played a significant role in building and enhancing market awareness of the project.

The two in-depth co-operations between JLL and Eton Real Estate have created an excellent office environment for the client. The superior commercial atmosphere of the project has undoubtedly created a high-quality option for numerous Chinese and foreign shoppers.

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