Client story

In line with business and talent vision, JLL created a unified R&D and office space for Solidigm

Through site selection, leasing, design & build, project management, sustainability consultancy, and workplace management, JLL’s end-to-end services successfully assisted Solidigm in founding its APAC R&D center in Shanghai.


3,200 ㎡


Premium industrial park in Shanghai Caohejing area-the Shanghai Business Park


Home to 130+ employees


JLL's end-to-end CRE services propel the promising star in the flash memory industry

Solidigm, originating from Intel's NAND and SSD business divestment, was formally established in December 2021 and is currently an independent subsidiary of semiconductor leader SK Hynix in the United States. As a nascent brand in the enterprise flash memory industry, Solidigm leverages the strengths of two industry leaders and decades of technological and innovative accumulation in the storage field to become a global leader in innovative NAND flash memory solutions. It is committed to empowering clients and looking for opportunities to apply the power of data to make a better world.

Embracing the "new home" with challenges and expectations

Establishing a new site in Shanghai is a significant step for this emerging brand in the flash memory industry as it expands its operations in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Solidigm aims to create an integrated space that combines R&D with office functions in Shanghai as its R&D center in the Asia-Pacific region. The engineering, sales, and operations teams, which were previously not co-located, are all relocated to the new workplace. Therefore, the new office space needs to meet the special technical requirements of R&D and address multiple challenges and expectations, such as showcasing a new corporate culture, enhancing employees’ sense of identity and belongingness, promoting business integration, and improving operational efficiency.

JLL is honored to have been appointed since Solidigm's inception, fully participating in all phases covering site selection, leasing, design and build, project and construction management, and sustainability certification application. JLL also continued to provide workplace management services after project delivery, supporting Solidigm's innovative development.

Site selection strategy in sync with business and talent aspirations

During the initial site selection phase, the core industrial parks in the Shanghai Caohejing area, with mature commercial facilities and convenient transportation, were ideal options for high-tech R&D-oriented enterprises regarding industry agglomeration and talent attraction. However, faced with challenges such as the mere 2% vacancy rate in this targeted area and the specific requirements of large R&D equipment for power supply and floor loading, JLL's Office Leasing and Advisory team, in collaboration with JLL's Project and Development Services team, secured the scarce and premium industrial park—the Shanghai Business Park in Caohejing area through in-depth market analysis and a strong network of resources supported by specialized technical assessments. This site selection and leasing phase was efficiently completed in approximately six months. The Park not only meets Solidigm's business development and talent strategies but also has the corresponding conditions to create an integrated space for office and R&D.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, the JLL team responded promptly to our needs. They analyzed and solved problems from a professional perspective, ensuring the smooth completion of our project and passing various inspections on schedule. This laid a solid foundation for our continued operation locally. The project team demonstrated their professionalism, dedication, and client-centric approach, leaving us with a great impression. We look forward to further opportunities for future cooperation.

Jacky Chen, General Manager of Shanghai Site, Solidigm

Functional space design balancing rationality and sensibility

During the space design phase, the JLL team deeply understood Solidigm's expectations for the "new home" and its importance on employee health and office experience. Incorporating brand elements and bright, lively brand colors into multiple designs to showcase corporate image and characteristics, the team also addressed different functional R&D requirements and office space demands through reasonable layout and design ingenuity, making the overall space efficient and practical. In addition, sustainable design elements such as material selection, air quality, energy conservation, and water conservation were fully considered, creating a healthy office environment for Solidigm that is both innovative and modest. The project achieved LEED v4 Commercial Interior Silver Certification. The success of the project was also recognized by Solidigm's U.S. Headquarters, inviting JLL to participate in the design of its U.S. Headquarters office.

Visionary space delivered on time despite significant challenges

During the project implementation phase, faced with special R&D requirements such as the installation and power supply of large equipment, floor loading, and other technical requirements, the JLL team started implementation from the perspective of the client, negotiating and cooperating with the landlord, and coordinated with multiple project implementation parties. This ensured not only the smooth delivery of the project in 2022 but also demonstrated outstanding project management capabilities in adverse factors, including COVID-19, earning high recognition from the client.

Diligent operation maximizes the value of the space

After project delivery, JLL, with its professional capabilities in Integrated Facilities Management, continued to provide Workplace Management services for Solidigm. For specific requirements of high-tech R&D industries, such as installation and maintenance of professional laboratory air conditioners, air quality management, and human-centric services related to employee health and wellbeing and workplace experience, the JLL team provided professional and thoughtful support to ensure Solidigm's employees could unleash their maximum innovative potential in the most satisfying work environment.

As Solidigm is committed to " empowering clients," the JLL team has always upheld the same belief, assisting this promising star in the flash memory industry through end-to-end CRE services. With the successful completion and implementation of Solidigm's Asia-Pacific R&D center in Shanghai, Solidigm can further accelerate research and innovation in storage technology, continuously promote the development of data storage solutions, and provide leading products and services for its clients and users.