Client story

Efficient and environment-friendly 

Sustainability is key to improving performance

When this International organization set up its offices in Beijing, Tokyo and Jakarta, saving energy was at the top of their mind. The client follows a strict sustainability mandate across all locations globally. When they decided to partner with us, their command became our canvas.

Tapping opportunities

The first step was to identify the reason for their high consumption of energy. We coordinated with the client’s internal project teams to identify and analyze the reasons. Using JLL’s in-house developed software for recording energy consumption, we conducted online monitoring of all equipment/gadgets in the building.

The accurate data helped our team of experts to analyze the problem areas. Based on information gathered, we offered solutions and implemented a number of energy-saving measures. Regular monitoring and continuous communication with the on-site team further improved the services.

Let’s look forward

And the results of all endeavors were exhilarating. The client is now saving about 10% reduction in energy consumption every year. What’s next? Moving forward, we are regularly tracking and analyzing the performance of the building and keeping a tab on its energy efficiency. Having partnered with the client in the past, this project has further strengthened our relationship.