Dreamsfount 35th – A “Premium Property Management Service” Project in the Capital

The most outstanding Premium Property Management Service project in the capital

Dreamsfount 35th is a Grade 5A office building project with an GFA of  82,300 sqm. The project is located in the central area of Financial Street in the Xicheng District of Beijing, which is home to a large number of prestigious financial institutions. It is built in a neo-classical world finance style of architecture and has become a new business landmark in the capital’s renowned financial center

JLL has provided one-stop real estate services for Dreamsfount 35th since 2013, and in 2015 it established a property management office for Dreamsfount 35th from where it began providingfull property management services. It also provides additional services such as operation management, equipment and facilities management, risk management, financial management, and premium services.

The Premium Service concept was firstly proposed by JLL’s Hong Kong Property and Asset Management team in 2012 and introduced to mainland China in 2014. By prioritizing customer's needs and service experience, JLL's North China Property and Asset Management team developed and promoted the Premium Service concept to the owner representatives of Dreamsfount 35th. Premium Service is based on a fundamental concept of being people-oriented and provides highly attentive property management services. JLL not only decorates the project during major festivals, but also pays attention to every detail, from the greeting when stepping into the building to the first note of lobby music, to provide a unique feeling of comfort. Furthermore, Premium Service also brings additional touches like first aid kits, female care kits, sewing kits, anti-fog face masks, and even glasses cleaning cloths, while power banks, throat lozenges, and shoe towels are provided in case of need. Besides standard day-to-day services, JLL organizes many interesting and innovative customer care activities, such as the "Earth Hour" event that advocates the concept of low-carbon development. In terms of managing the project’s environment, whether it is considering the building’s environmental standards, the management of cleaning personnel, or the details of the cleaning process, JLL handles every aspect.

Thefull property management services provided by JLL North China’s PAM team made remarkable achievements with this project, ensuring Dreamsfount 35th surpassed tenants' expectations. It has become an exemplary five-star model for the Beijing market, passing the level three safety production standard, and obtaining ISO certification. It also gained recognition from many landlords, to become the most outstanding Premium Property Management Service project in the capital.

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