JLL Assists 1089 Art Beauty Center Build New Beauty Landmark

We believe that the completion of the 1089 Art Beauty Center project will further promote the ongoing improvement of Yuzhong District, whose unique location and deep cultural heritage gives it a leading role in Chongqing's future economic development as the city evolves in to a world-class metropolis.

The 1089 Art Beauty Center is situated in Chongqing’s longest-established central business district of Jiefangbei, at the intersection of Bayi Road and Zhengyang Street, only 180 meters from the People's Liberation Monument

 As one of the biggest investment projects in Yuzhong District, the 1089 Art Beauty Center is a Korean style beauty industry park developed by RB Group of Korea, spread over six floors, with a total construction area of nearly 14,000 m². It is an aesthetic beauty center that focuses on plastic surgery, dentistry, and health, as well as selling a variety of world cuisines, fashion, and other consumer goods. It does this through the import of international cutting-edge technology from countries such as Korea, France, and the USA. The center integrates the three fundamental elements of Art, Beauty, and Health, to create an international, experiential, and diversified urban commercial landmark, with the aim of becoming the top center for the beauty industry in Western China.

Through detailed coordination and preparation, as well its outstanding understanding of Chongqing's retail market and highly professional service standards, JLL’s Chongqing Retail department was selected as the exclusive leasing agency for Jiefangbei 1089 Art Beauty Center in March 2018. JLL’s team have maintained clear and efficient communication with its client to help the center become a new beauty landmark which further contributes to the consumer upgrade of Chongqing’s Jiefangbei business district.

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