Sophie Yu

“Develop together with JLL.”

When asked about her view about women employees’ challenges, Sophie said without hesitation, “Career, family and individual pursuits are not essentially contradictory. It’s better to make an overall consideration rather than make a choice of this or that.” 

For Sophie, balancing between the three aspects depends on effective communication, both internally and externally. Internally, it is important to understand and respect our own needs, and take courage to make choices. Externally, it is necessary to seek the support and understanding of family and company actively, and use resources that relieve stress.

In her family life, Sophie is good at making “happy memories.” She would often organize family travels during holidays, give surprises during anniversaries, and find ways to create fond and lasting memories for her loved ones.

In the workplace, Sophie recently completed a seamless role transition from project executive to professional manager, thanks to the help of her inclusive and highly effective team. Certainly, she anticipates that JLL will soon bring in new flexible ways of working and provide female employees further effective support.