Samuel Zhai

"Achieve greater success in strategic consulting "

Samuel had always wanted to go to the developed countries to experience the real estate consulting service there—and the exchange program granted his wish. In 2015, Samuel went to our offices in Washington and New York. Samuel worked with the Public Institutions team for two weeks.

The two-week stay in the United States made Samuel fully experience the role strategic consultants play in developed countries. The programs undertaken by JLL's Public Institutions team are large-scale and involves infrastructure and regional development projects, such as airports, railway stations, large communities, official residence of overseas governments and embassies, and regional redevelopment and relocation. For example, following a New York community hospital’s relocation, the building and land where the hospital used to be required reallocation. The relevant government department commissioned our New York office to offer advice on reuse. In another project, a U.S. colleague who worked with Samuel during his short stay was helping the U.S. Department of State acquire the land on which an embassy sat in a foreign country. Samuel could list and describe in detail all the cases that he saw and heard during his short stay in the United States.

"In the United States, I saw the close collaboration among colleagues with diverse backgrounds from different regions and departments. This collaboration contributes to the success of our strategic consulting efforts," said Samuel.