Ruslan Tiniakov

"Make rapid progress in JLL"

When asked how he sees JLL, Ruslan’s answer is: JLL is my ideal company.

"I think it's a great place to work! You can always get the help of team members and share resources with them, and find better results through brainstorming," said Ruslan. 

Only four months after he joined JLL, Ruslan does not dare to say that he contributed much to his colleagues or clients. "What I am sure is that I have taught the team how to drink pure vodka and eat caviar," he responded humorously.

Ruslan is a Russian. When he first came to Shanghai in 2012, he became deeply attracted to this beautiful modern city. He set himself a goal—to study and work in China. Ruslan enrolled at East China Normal University to pursue further studies after getting a bachelor's degree in Moscow. He was the business representative of the creative department at Dobe Group (China), and joined JLL the same year.

During his work at JLL, Ruslan has not encountered challenges and difficulties from cultural differences—he and his colleagues get along with one another and have a harmonious teamwork. JLL’s diverse and inclusive cultures have made him enjoy the warmth of an extended family.