Maggie Xu

"Keep a work-life balance.”

After getting her master’s degree, Maggie joined our Nanjing Strategic Consulting team.

Like many female practitioners, Maggie also faces the challenge of family and work balance. But where many women would give up on the opportunity to build a career in the real estate industry, Maggie is able to keep a healthy work-life balance.

Thanks to JLL’s ample annual leave, employees can deal with family emergencies flexibly and rationally. In her view, one’s personal career pursuit is nothing without family harmony and career success. Career and family are like our left and right hands: both are equally important. Taking care of the family inspires people to succeed in their careers, as seeking career progress is a way for one’s family to have a secure and happy life in the future.

Even if a female practitioner will have a child later, as long as her family members have love, respect, mutual tolerance and understanding, she can always find a balance. Maggie, meanwhile, suggests that when female workers take on other roles (e.g., wife or mother), their companies should show care and tolerance and support female employees in balancing work and family.

Maggie also has a clear understanding of female career positioning. While the real estate industry may still be predominantly male, Maggie never thinks that men have an inborn advantage over women. "Women have an equal opportunity for development as long as they are competent and passionate,” said Maggie.