Joyce Ouyang

“Women's role in the industry becoming more prominent than ever”

"He is very proud that he has a hardworking and caring mother," said Joyce, who is extremely delighted at how her three-year-old son sees her.

In her nearly eight years’ work at JLL, Joyce already went through three internal job shifts. She is currently a member of the Administration team and leads the team that provides professional assistance to JLL’s business units. 

When asked how she keeps a balance between career, family and personal pursuit, Joyce answered, "These three supplement one another, advancing and retreating together.” 

Joyce also never stops learning from books and from her predecessors, and often adjusts her state of mind, so that she deals with problems in an optimistic manner. “Good luck will come to a person who acts enthusiastically,” she said.

For Joyce, women are able to provide customers with great service because, amid challenges, they can temper toughness with gentleness and meticulous care. Looking ahead, she hopes that families of all female workers will understand their work, share in their achievements, joy and pride, and recognize their social values.