Jean Wang

"Grow a career path yet enjoy work-life balance.".

Jean, who has been with JLL for 14 years, is one of the real estate industry’s remarkable women leaders. She joined JLL by “coincidence” in 2003, when she took charge of a property management project. In 2005, she started to lead Dalian’s Property and Asset Management business. Then in 2011, she took over the business in the Northeast region after the Shenyang office’s launch. 

Jean believes that women have a huge room for growth in the real estate industry. For her, having a broad mind and a rational vision is key to success: women, who naturally has keen insight, have a unique advantage to be engaged in this industry. After forming a management model, team members can make concerted efforts through cooperation and job delegation.

Jean appreciates how JLL gives women employees more care than other companies—at JLL; she becomes acquainted with many customers and colleagues. Jean loves the industry and sees work as an inseparable aspect of her life. She says there is no conflict at all between her career and her family.

Jean hopes that JLL can give women employees more flexible working hours, so that they can give their all in the workplace yet still have time to for family.