Cyrus Cui

"Become one of the company's top managers".

Since day one, JLL’s professional work attitude, cohesive teamwork and diverse talent pool all inject full energy to Cyrus.

Cyrus joined the Markets department in Guangzhou in July 2014. In 2015, he became a major player within the group dedicated to providing support to China-funded enterprises and attracting high-quality clients. Since then, Cyrus has made good progress, working closely with colleagues based in other cities.

"I hope to become a key member and consolidate business skills in the department, and also take a leading role in South China office’s activities." While still focused on China-funded enterprises, Cyrus's next plan is to develop project agency and management skills.

For Cyrus, the shared values among the members of his team and everyone in the organization are what drives our people to achieve their ambition. And with our continued emphasis on diversity and inclusion attracting more and more diverse talents, things are as interesting as ever for Cyrus.